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Company Background

CTE Ltd was established in 2013 for the prime purpose of marketing and selling tunnelling machines and tunnelling equipment manufactured by China Rail Equipment and Engineering Group (CREG) in China.

By having an International operation office, based in Malaysia, and managed by two very experienced English speaking tunnel engineers, CTE is able to provide two important functions.

  1. CTE will provide for all international Clients an English speaking interface which can prepare and present proposal for TBM’s to clearly explain in the English language all aspects of the equipment proposed and give clear and comprehensive presentations to potential clients of all aspects, both technical and commercial of the machines proposed.
  2. The other side of the picture is that CTE will ensure that the CREG full understand the requirements of each client, including all aspects of the required technical specification and commercial terms demanded by each client for whom TBM’s are manufactured.

These two functions will ensure that the experience gained in China from many differing TBM projects, can be transferred succinctly and successfully into the international market for the benefit of clients outside China.

CTE is a joint operation, with ownership shared between the Malaysian directors and CREG, but also with considerable investment from Chinese manufacturer CREG, so that both parties have a keen interest in the success of the company. It is managed and operated completely by engineers in Malaysia who include Experienced Tunnel Engineers from the UK and Chinese speaking Malaysian engineers.

Proposal and designs presented by CTE Ltd will use the wide experience of their principal engineers, gained from personal involvement in projects in countries ranging from UK and Europe to South Africa and Malaysia. This will be combined with the rapidly increasing manufacturing and operational experience of CREG in mainland China to produce Tunnelling Equipment of the highest quality and durability to full international standards.


All enquiries for CREG for international projects should be sent to CTE Ltd, International Office in Malaysia.

On receipt of all the project details CTE engineers will decide on a suitable TBM and obtain a details specification with proposal drawings from CREG design offices in China. This will then be transferred to a full English proposal document that CTE Ltd will present.

All negotiations for technical and commercial details will be with CTE Ltd. CREG engineers and directors may join the negotiations in certain situations.

When a contract is ready to be signed it will be between the client and CREG in China, which will be hold all liability for the TBM. However all technical discussion and after sales service will be conducted by CTE Ltd in English, so that there are no misunderstandings due to language difficulties. During manufacture all visits to the factory and CREG offices will be arranged by CTE Ltd.

Diagrammatic representation of this arrangement is as follows.

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All enquiries should be addressed to the International Operation Office, Malaysia

Tel +60  3 7954 0314 (International)
Email : enquiries@cte-limited.com

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