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China’s leading TBM manufacturer

All the TBM’s supplied by CTE Ltd will be manufactured in China by CREG. China Rail Engineering Equipment Group Co Ltd are the equipment manufacturing and supply arm of the major Chinese group CREC, (China Rail Engineering Corporation), who are one of the largest corporations in China and a Fortune 500 company. 

CREG Ltd is the leading Tunnelling Machine manufacturer in China. They have been manufacturing and rebuilding Tunnelling Machines for over 10 years. In 2004 they started with the refurbishment of tunnelling equipment used by their sister companies. By 2008 they had started manufacturing complete TBM’s for themselves, both independently and in joint venture with various experienced western suppliers. Within the first two years over 20 machines had been manufactured and much experience of the problems and their solutions had been gained.

In the four years up to the end of 2013 over 120 TBM’s had been designed manufactured and supplied, under their own brand name and in their own colours, providing over 150 kilometres of tunnelling experience. Machines have been supplied for the construction of metro tunnels in nearly 20 cities in China in a wide range of ground conditions.

New Factory

In 2010 a new purpose build factory for the manufacture of tunnelling machines was constructed in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The main workshops of the new factory have seven separte assembly lines as well as separate sections for hydraulic and electrical sub assembly and testing. Here machines from microtunnel size up to 12 metres in diameter can be assembled. In a separte workshop on the Zhenzhou site all cutterheads for CREG machines are manufactured in house.



In addition to the extensive factory here there are modern design offices and a large R & D department where research into a variety of tunnelling problems can be studied.




All tunnelling machines are manufactured to international Standards suitable for the country for which they are intended. These may include any of the following.

  • AISI American Iron and Steel Institute
  • ANSI American National Standards Institute
  • ASME American Standard for Study of Mechanical Education
  • IIW International Institute of Welding
  • IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (Worldwide)
  • IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)
  • DIN Deutsche Institut für Normung (German Standards Institution)
  • JIS Japan Industrial Standards
  • BSI British Standards Institution
  • BS1461 Code of Practice for Health and Safety in Tunnelling (UK)
  • EN16191 Tunnelling machinery – Safety Requirements (European)
  • EN12110 Tunnelling Machines – Air Locks – safety
Proprietary components

When procuring proprietary equipment for use on the tunnelling machines, well known and established suppliers from all around the world are used, particularly established suppliers in Europe and America. Typical Suppliers that may be used are

Part Description SUPPLIER
Compressor ATLAS COPCO
Disc Cutter PALMIERI
Electrical Equipments ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ELIN
Gear Reducers ZOLLERN
Grease Pumps LINCOLN
Grount & Polymer Pumps SCHWING, SPX, NETZSCH
Guidance System VMT, ENZAN
Main Bearing ROTH ERDE, HKS
Probe Drill DOOFOR
Refuge Chamber WE WALTER
Vacuum Equipment ACIMEX


Other CREG Factories

In addition to the main factory in Zhengzhou, CREG operate at two other main locations 

1. Additional manufacturing facilities in Xinxiang, about 60 km north of Zhengzhou.

This is where the manufacturing work started in 2004, before the new facilities were built in Zhengzhou. Here there is the capability, if required, to assemble two TBM’s side by side. However normally this facility is reserved for the sub assembly of components, such as back up gantries, erectors or locos and rolling stock.


2. Manufacturing facility in Wuhan, about 500km south of Zhengzhou.

In here heavy fabrication and machining can be carried out. Additional assembly facilities in other parts of China are also available for their use, as production demands require.


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