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The geology and requirements of each project will be considered in detail before any proposal or design is suggested. Not only will this include the recommended type of machine, but auxiliary and support systems can also be included with the TBM offer – which may include any of the following:

  • Grouting equipment- two liquid or single liquid.
  • Ground conditioning equipment
  • Slurry circulation and treatment systems
  • Tunnel conveyor systems
  • Probe drilling and grouting equipment

The type of machine will depend primarily on the geology and on the specification and requirements of the project.

Closed face machines used in water bearing soft ground and mixed faces may be either.

Although there are no simple rules to select the most suitable type of machine…

Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Machines

Generally used where the ground has more clay content and the where cover is low.


Slurry TBM's

Generally used in more granular material, through mixed faces with high rock content and where water tables are high


Hard Rock Tunneling Machines

These may be Double Shield type for fractured and faulted rock or open type Gripper Machines in very competent and stable rock conditions.


Pipejacking Machines

For short drives in urban conditions, just below the surface, pipejacking is a technique often selected. We have a range of pipejacking machines for different applications.


Other Equipment

Outside the range of Tunnel Boring machines, CREG can also supply Locos, rolling stock and other equipment.


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