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ChongQing Metro – Line 6

CREG supplied 9 TBM’s for work on Line 6 of the ChongQing Metro. Of the total 37 km of tunnel in the whole project, 13.7 km were excavated with machines supplied by CREG. Most of the tunnelling was through harder sansdstone and mudstone where faster headspeed could be used and the machines were designed for this. However two of the machines went through softer material where slow headspeeds were required.

Machine details were


Location ChongQing Metro, Line 6
Geology Sandy mudstone Hard sandstone 
No. of TBM 2 7
Outer TBM Diameter 6.28 m 6.28 m
Cutterhead Power 660 kW, VFD Electric Drives 1120 kW VFD Electric Drives
Torque – kNm 6900 5500
Head speed – rpm 0 - 3 0 - 6
Thrust – kN 34,000 37,000
Progress rate - m 432 m/mth 567 m/mth
Comment Total approx 4km Total approx 9 km
CR Nos 17-18 19-23, 26-27

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